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BackUp Your Data Just In Case

Yanni Mironidis

You save all your family pictures, your financial data, all your important documents to your local hard drive. You expect that they are safely stored and don’t think much about it. Until your hard drive crashes and you have no more data. It’s all gone! Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you because you have everything backed up, right? Here are a few simple options to make sure that your data is safely backed up.

First decide what type of backup you will be using.  We recommend that you either back up your data to an external USB hard drive (you could also use a USB flash drive if it is large enough for your data) or online over the internet to an offsite server.

If you want to backup to your external USB hard drive there are applications that can automate the process. There are open source apps that can do this and there are apps like Memeo, which you can buy if you feel you need their support. They work similar to some of the online backup options and will automatically backup modified or newly created files to the external hard drive. You can also buy an external USB hard drive that comes in a fire proof, water proof enclosure for added protection for your data.

There are several companies which provide online backups. Carbonite and Mozy are the most popular programs to choose from, but there are many more. They all start at about $5 a month and Mozy will allow you to start with 2Gigs for free. Your account can be upgraded at any time if you need more space, which is likely for people with a lot of pictures and/or music files that they want backed up. First you install that software and configure which files or folders you would like to backup. Then whenever a file is modified or newly created on the local drive it will automatically be backed up to the offsite servers.

No matter which way you decide to backup, just make sure you do backup your data. And do this now while you still have your data intact! Remember your hard drive is a mechanical device and it’s not a matter of if it will fail, but when. 

…now that your data is backed up, we hope you can relax a little more knowing you won’t need to call us with a data recover disaster as you will be prepared for the worst.